Five years of agency work. Fifteen in content and brand marketing. A teacher of rhetoric. A master of fine arts in creative writing. 

I delight in the challenge of creating tailored strategies that align brand identity, growth plans, budgets, target markets, and other constraints.


This alignment provides both flexibility—so a plan can shift in response to change—and a holistic metric for calibration—to determine if a plan is likely to support stated objectives.


I excel at researching both client and customer, mapping out strategic marketing plans, and then working with a team (including the client) to develop and manage projects, initiatives, and campaigns in order to execute these plans.


I'm curious and absorb complexities quickly. Heck, since December 2022, I've learned a whole new B2B industry: electronic component manufacturing. It's been like learning three new languages at once: that of electronics, of manufacturing, and of sales reps. I love it.


My three superpowers: 


  1. Creativity on demand - I don't wait for the Muse; I direct my creative energies and sense of fun at a creative challenge with clear focus
  2. Metacognition - critical awareness of my own thinking and contexts, and the ability to share this awareness with others
  3.  Storytelling - whether told in six words, as a novel, or a single image, I can tell a compelling, purposeful, and authentic story

I'm always pushing for accountability and demonstrable results. I will develop and implement processes to improve either.


Listen: I'm a demand generation strategist, writer, and thinker with a deep well of experience. I strive to uplift everyone on my team. I take feedback (and give it) well.


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Ph.D. program, and switched gears again—and industries. I am currently director of marketing and business development for Arkco Sales, a manufacturers sales representative.

I've enjoyed learning about manufacturers, distributors, sales reps, OEMs, and engineers.

As a former English major, I love getting to learn about electronics and engineering principles.

And as a marketer I appreciate the challenge of tying big-picture strategy to day-to-day execution.

After earning a Master's degree in creative writing at NCSU, I taught writing and rhetoric: how to identify and align an audience's needs and values with your own identity and purpose to write persuasively.

In 2019 I found a new gear—and new career—as a copywriter for Sands Costner, a small yet cunning strategic marketing and communications agency based in Tacoma, Washington. In 2022 I was invited and began writing as a freelancer for Content Workshop.

I moved to Minnesota for my wife's

I'm a content strategist and brand copywriter (he/him) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Born in New Jersey and raised in California, I love to geek out about writing, literature, and rhetoric. I write literary fiction in my spare time. 

I was a marketing manager—mostly in book publishing—for ten years. I wrote copy and handled marketing, events, and publicity at Heyday Books, Ten Speed Press, Third Place Books, and also worked as an independent consultant. I also worked at the flagship Amazon brick-and-mortar bookstore.

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