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Sales sheet

Orion's home page (as of 6/12/22) with my copy

Print ad for The Monitor

Ad Campaign

Orion First is a fintech company that provides back-office services to small business equipment finance lenders. In recent years they've emerged as one of the leading brands in third-party servicing.

Yet portfolio servicing is only one of their services. Every time Orion promotes a different service or new product, they encounter what I call the pigeonhole effect: when a brand is associated with a company's most widely adopted and/or most recently promoted product.

I was asked to conceptualize and write copy for an advertising campaign to promote Orion's collections service. 


Deliverables included a sales sheet, landing page, emails, digital banner ad, and a full-page print ad in a trade journal.


My two key solutions were these:


  • A tagline for the campaign ("Even when you lose, you win.")

  • A strategy tying the advertised service—collections—back to the company's mission statement, repeating it wherever possible


Yoking the product to the mission statement is an effective branding strategy—especially when the mission statement is a well-crafted one.


Orion First's mission statement? "To provide deeper insight, stronger portfolio results, and a highly satisfying borrower experience for small business lenders."


The strategy allowed me to do the same thing with subsequent campaigns, creating a multiplier effect. Each time we promoted a new product, we were also reinforcing the mission statement.

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