crowd-looking_bw_ Alessandro-Caproni

Creative • Versatile • Discerning

Copywriting and content strategy

I am a Seattle-based senior copywriter with twenty years of writing and marketing experience, including 5 years in an agency setting.


  • I'm creative. I synthesize solutions to complex problems on demand. 
  • I'm versatile. I can write compelling copy in any genre, adapting brand voice to situational needs, whether B2B, B2C, or internal comms.
  • I'm discerning. I have good judgment and high standards. 


I have had a career as a marketing manager. I've been an events manager, a communications manager, and a publicist.

I went to graduate school to hone my creative writing skills. I have taught writing and rhetoric at the university level.

In recent years I've pivoted, leaning into my core strength—writing—but am now wanting to put my experience, curiosity, and analytical mind to work in a way that fuses effective writing with strategic thinking.


I am looking for a full-time remote position as a senior copywriter, content strategist, or similar role, in-house or at an agency. 

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